What is the friend referral program?

The MyYogaWorks friend referral program is designed to reward you for introducing MyYogaWorks to your friends and family. If you are a monthly subscriber, you can earn 20% off your monthly subscription for every friend or family member who becomes a paying subscriber – with the opportunity to get up to 100% off your monthly bill!

Friends and family who use your unique promo code to join MyYogaWorks will receive 20% off their monthly subscription.

You receive 20% your monthly bill once someone becomes a paying subscriber, and you receive the discount for as long as they remain a paying member!

Visit the "My Referrals" dashboard, found in the top navigation bar of MyYogaWorks once you are logged in. The dashboard contains your unique promo code and the subscription status of your friends and family members who have redeemed your code.

TIP! Share your unique promo code out to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to quickly start earning your discount!

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