How much is a YogaWorks Live subscription?

Access to YogaWorks Live is not included with a MyYogaWorks subscription, but there are different options for you to choose from if you wish to access the live-stream classes!

  1. 1-day pass: You can purchase an unlimited day-pass to YogaWorks Live for just $20/day by visiting where it will prompt you to sign in to your home region or create an account and make your purchase.
  2. Unlimited monthly access: You can sign up for a monthly YogaWorks membership, which will get you access to live-stream classes for just $99/mo. Simply click here and choose the $99/mo membership on the left-hand.
    • If you wish to cancel at any point, all you need to do is reach out to the studio directly. They will waive the 3-month commitment.
  3. Members on freeze: To unlock unlimited access to YogaWorks Live, contact your studio to unfreeze your membership or choose a class below and purchase a 1-day pass to gain access to today's classes.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties on YogaWorks Live, please email


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